Web Interface

This website provides astronomers access to publicly available raw visibility data from the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). You can use it to search for observations and create a data conversion job (where you can optionally apply calibration) or a raw visibility download job. Then, you can monitor the jobs and download the data.

To use this site you need to register to create an account. Click here to read how to use the website.

MWA ASVO Web Dashboard

Python-based Application Programming Interface (Manta-ray-client)

There is a Python-based API available on the manta-ray-client github which will allow you to submit conversion or download jobs and download their resulting data files.

Full instructions are available on the github page.

Virtual Observatory (VO) TAP Service

The MWA ASVO also provides an International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) compliant Table Access Protocol (TAP) service. This service is available at the following address: http://vo.mwatelescope.org:8000/mwa_asvo/tap

The MWA ASVO TAP service can be used by VO / TAP compliant software, such as TOPCAT to retrieve MWA observation metadata. Currently our Services supports the standard obscore fields, but in the future we hope to include more rich MWA-specific metadata as well. For further information about how to use IVOA VO services, please see IVOA: Information for Astronomers.

Processed MWA Data

In addition to visibility data, the MWA Collaboration have provided the first release images from the GLEAM survey (Wayth et al. 2015) which covers the extragalactic sky (minus the Galactic plane) these are available via SkyView or the ICRAR VO service. Details of the image processing are given in Hurley-Walker et al. (2017).

The associated extragalactic catalogue (Hurley-Walker et al. (2017)) is available at VizieR. We encourage the use of the new python API for large-scale image queries. The GLEAM visibility data are now public and can also be downloaded from here. In addition the public may be interested in the GLEAM-o-scope.